The district held over two-dozen listening sessions during spring 2019, mailed 12,000 surveys directly to residents, and invited community input through an online survey. The top five facility issues identified from these sessions and survey were: 

  • Address the issues at Pleasantview Elementary

  • Address the need for more elementary space

  • Address the need for more early childhood space

  • Address traffic flow/pick-up and drop-off safety

  • Preserve our other current buildings and land spaces

Pleasantview Elementary: addressing our most urgent need first

The issues at Pleasantview Elementary consistently ranked as the top concern across our community. Here’s why: 

The current building is not adequate

  • Classrooms are not adequately sized to effectively serve students. 

  • We lost much needed classroom space to the fire. 

  • Spaces that are not meant to be used for teaching are serving as temporary learning spaces, such as hallways.

  • There is only one full-size set of bathrooms shared between 742 students and staff members.

  • There is limited on-site storage.

Our building is not secure

  • The school's front entrance is locked during school hours because it can't be seen from the office. The side door that allows access during school hours is monitored by a camera because the sight line between the door and the office is poor. 

      • During the summer of 2019, the district utilized a State of Minnesota Safety and Security grant to address to improve the security of the building’s entrances. 

      • This creates a safer and more secure environment for the students and staff of Pleasantview that isn’t dependent on the fate of the existing facility. If the community votes to replace Pleasantview, these improvements will still be utilized between the approval of the plan and the build phase.

  • The lack of classroom walls creates a very noisy environment as they do not provide adequate sound dampening. These walls also are not considered safe in the event of an emergency. 

  • Traffic flow around the school and parking lot safety are other concerns that must be addressed.

  • Pleasantview was damaged in a fire. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the incident emphasized the need for adequate space that can be evacuated in a more timely and efficient manner. 

Our building is aging

  • After 50 years, the HVAC system is outdated and needs to be replaced.